Brutal assault at Chon Buri nightclub leaves young men seriously injured

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Tan, a 21 year old victim of a brutal assault at a well-known nightclub in Chon Buri was dragged out from the bathroom and beaten, leaving him and a friend seriously injured. The incident, which happened in the early hours yesterday, was sparked by a misunderstanding that the young men were using drugs in the club’s bathroom.

Tan revealed that he was in severe abdominal pain at the time of the incident due to heavy drinking. He had asked a friend to accompany him to the bathroom for assistance. However, a misunderstanding led to accusations of drug use in the club’s restroom, reported Khao Sod.

Without warning, the security staff of this well-known Chon Buri nightclub stormed the bathroom, and without questioning, began to assault the two men. Tan suffered body injuries and a split under-eye, while his accompanying friend, who is now in the ICU at a local hospital, suffered a broken neck bone and brain haemorrhage.

The victims underwent drug tests, which all came back negative. Despite this, the club has not taken any responsibility for the incident. Tan, who frequents the club due to its proximity to his home, revealed that the venue is often the scene of fights.

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Tan’s mother, Pla, after the incident, reported the case to Don Huo Lo Police Station. The police are now investigating and seeking the culprits. She vowed to pursue the case to the fullest and demanded compensation for the damage. She questioned why the club’s security, who are tasked with ensuring safety, resorted to this form of violence instead of handing over the alleged wrongdoers to the police. The club, on the other hand, claimed the front cameras were not working at the time of the incident.

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