Breakthrough in Chanthaburi murder case as key suspect detained

The arrest of a key suspect known only as Ja Pui marked a significant breakthrough in the murder investigation of 77 year old Panithi Kosalanun, whose body was found in a fruit orchard pond about 100 metres from her home in the Markham district of Chanthaburi province. Following intense questioning, a 40 year old man, Krit, confessed to the crime and implicated Pui as well as two to three other individuals in the brutal assault on Panithi.

At 9am today, Markham Police Station officers disclosed that the motorcycle suspected to be used in the crime, a Yamaha Filano with the registration number 1กฐ6360 Chanthaburi, was being examined for forensic evidence. The police have yet to confirm whether this was the vehicle used by the assailants or if it was bearing a false license plate.

Krit, who has been identified as the getaway driver rather than a direct participant in the assault, admitted to disposing of the body in the water to hide the evidence. The motive is believed to centre around a financial dispute involving unpaid wages or debts. The police remain sceptical about the full extent of the story, particularly how the assailants gained access to the victim’s home.

It is suspected that one of the perpetrators, who was deeply trusted by Panithi, had a key and allowed the others to enter. Once inside, the victim was beaten with hands or hard objects, leading to injuries or possibly death before her body was disposed of in the pond. The autopsy indicated that there was no water in the victim’s lungs, suggesting she may have died before being thrown into the water.

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Furthermore, today the police have brought in Krit’s father for additional questioning. He claims to have limited knowledge of the incident, only mentioning that on the night of the murder, a woman called his son to ask for a ride to the victim’s house to collect some money.

He was unaware of any other details. The police have also summoned another witness for questioning, the husband of Pui, who remains a suspect. He stated that Pui had been conducting a money-lending business with the victim for about a year but was unsure of the details since they had been living separately for the past two months due to Pui becoming a nun at a local temple in the Soi Dao district.

Public attention

The police subsequently located Pui at a temple in Khemarat district, Ubon Ratchathani province, and are in the process of bringing her back to Chanthaburi for further interrogation. This case has captured public attention due to the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of the wealthy woman and the unsettling revelation of betrayal by someone she trusted, reported KhaoSod.

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