Thai woman saved after drunk boyfriend lets friend rape her (video)

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Police intervened after a report of a drunk Thai man allegedly allowing his friend to rape his girlfriend in a rented room in the eastern province of Trat. The two men denied the allegation.

Officers from the Trat Provincial Police received an attempted rape report at 2am today, January 25, and visited the incident scene in Soi Tashare in the Mueang district of Trat province. Officers discovered the 35 year old victim was crying outside the room. She was wearing pyjamas and had a blanket wrapped around her body.

Two Thai men were seen sitting on the floor outside the room. The first man was the victim’s boyfriend, 39 year old Bansing Kitjanon while the other man was Bansing’s friend, 42 year old Weeraphon. They were both under the influence of alcohol while Weeraphon tested positive for methamphetamine, also known as Yaba.

The victim accused Weeraphon of trying to rape her while she was asleep and accused her boyfriend of encouraging his friend to sexually assault her. She said she was glad a woman who lived next door came to her aid just in time.

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The woman told police that her boyfriend, Bansing, was drinking alcohol with his friend in the room they shared. She did not join them and went to bed. She woke up to the sound of someone opening her bedroom door. She thought it was her boyfriend but it was Weeraphon.

She saw Weeraphon in her bedroom taking off his shorts. She immediately called her boyfriend for help, but she was shocked by her boyfriend’s reply.

“Do what you want. I don’t want her anymore.”

Neighbour help

The woman decided to scream and ask for help from a neighbour living next door. The woman next door came to her aid, and she then called the police.

“He (Weeraphon) choked me and tried to stick his penis in me, so I kicked him. He tried to take my shorts off. I asked him (Bansing) for help but he left the bedroom and closed the door. How could he do that to me?”

The boyfriend, Bansing, told police that he and his friend were just teasing his girlfriend and he did not let his friend rape her as she said. Weeraphon claimed that he did not take off his trousers, adding that his trousers fell as a result of the woman kicking him.

Weeraphon insisted that he and Bansing only wanted to prank the woman. He asked Bansing for permission to tease the woman and he allowed him to do so. He did not intend to strangle the woman but did it to stop her screaming and listen to his explanation.

The witness who came to help the victim, 25 year old Nattaporn, reported that the room was not locked, so she entered after hearing the screams for help. Nattaporn saw Weeraphon putting on his trousers while the victim screamed and her boyfriend stood looking at his girlfriend.

Police said Weeraphon initially faced three charges, including a drug charge, an assault charge and an attempted rape charge. Police were only able to charge Weeraphon because Bansibng did not participate in the crime.

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