Brake failure leads to serious motorcycle crash in Chachoengsao

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A motorcycle crash at a busy intersection in Chachoengsao province resulted in two people being seriously injured.

The incident occurred when 24 year old Nataya and 28 year old Jittima were on their way to work. Due to brake failure, Nataya decided to run a red light, causing a violent crash with another motorbike, driven by 49 year old Yothin who was performing his duties as a postal worker.

Traffic police from the Muang Chachoengsao station were notified of a motorcycle accident at the Mahachakrapat Road — Suan Somdet Road intersection at around 7.45am. Rescue workers from Chachoengsao rapidly responded to the scene.

Upon arrival, emergency services discovered Nataya and Jittima lying injured in the middle of the road. A short distance away, they found a Honda Dream motorcycle with the registration plate 1กผ2563, belonging to the Thai Post, and driven by Yothin. Nataya was operating a Yamaha Wave 100 with the registration plate กมง283, heading straight for her workplace in Suwinthawong when she approached the traffic lights.

Nataya recounted that she saw the traffic signal turn amber and then red. However, her motorcycle’s brakes were not functioning correctly, which left her unable to stop in time. In a split-second decision, she proceeded through the red light just as Yothin, who had a green signal, was making a right turn onto Suan Somdet Road.

This resulted in Nataya’s motorcycle crashing into Yothin’s, causing both riders to be thrown from their bikes.

Nataya and Jittima were transported to the hospital for further treatment. Yothin, also receiving medical attention, was fortunate to survive the collision with minor injuries, reported KhaoSod.

The community is closely following the recovery of those involved and discussing ways to prevent similar occurrences in the future. The local police are conducting a thorough investigation into the accident and reviewing intersection safety measures to enhance road users’ well-being.

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