Body found beneath electricity control panel on Bangkok footpath

Photo via Amarin TV

A Thai road sweeper discovered the body of an unidentified man beneath an electricity control panel on a footpath along Romklao Road in Bangkok after noticing an unpleasant odour while working.

Road sweeper Panadda Ngokngam reported the dead body to traffic police officers at a nearby police booth around 6.40am today, May 23. The incident was then reported to Min Buri Police Station for further investigation.

Panadda told Amarin TV that she was sweeping the footpath along Romklao Road in the Min Buri district when she caught an unpleasant smell coming from the unused control panel.

She decided to open the panel and stumbled upon the body of a man lying in a 1-meter deep hole beneath it. The hole had previously housed the electrical wires and equipment of the panel.

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Bottles of alcohol and drinking water in a plastic bag were found outside the panel, leading police to suspect that the man might have been drunk, entered the panel, and accidentally fell into the hole, resulting in his death.

Police are currently questioning residents and workers near the scene and reviewing CCTV footage to identify the deceased and determine how he ended up in the panel.

In a related report, a local in the southern province of Songkhla discovered an unidentified body on the roadside on May 15. The body was later identified as an Indian man who was murdered by a Pakistani man and his Thai wife over an alleged business dispute.

In another case, the body of an unidentified woman was found near the Chi River at the beginning of May. Police successfully arrested a school van driver who confessed to killing the woman after she threatened to expose their secret relationship to his wife.

Another unidentified body of a woman was discovered in the sea off Freedom Beach in Phuket province around the same time. The woman was a foreigner, but her nationality and cause of death have not yet been officially confirmed.

Unidentified dead man Romklao Road Bangkok
The 1-metre hole beneath the electric control panel. | Photo via Matichon

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