Unidentified foreign woman’s body found on Phuket beach

Picture courtesy of Phuket Tourist Police

In Phuket, a foreign woman’s body was discovered floating in the waters off Freedom Beach yesterday. Karon police received word of the grim find around 2.45pm.

A subsequent recovery mission was swiftly assembled, with Kusoldharm Foundation rescue workers utilising a rubber dinghy to retrieve the body and transport it ashore near Nong Harn Lake in Karon.

The deceased is thought to be a foreign woman aged between 25 and 30 years old. Her dark skin, short black curly hair, and towering height of approximately 180 centimetres were reported. Notably, she was found wearing a seashell necklace and a shell bracelet on her right wrist but lacked any other clothing.

Upon examination, the police found no visible injuries or signs that the woman had been in a struggle. However, for further investigation, her body was transported to Vachira Phuket Hospital, reported The Phuket News.

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Presently, the police are operating on the assumption that the woman’s death was a result of drowning. They are optimistic that genetic testing could provide key information to aid in identifying the deceased.

In related news, Sattahip police received a distress call from a vigilant local fisherman who stumbled upon a body about 500 metres offshore near an island in Sattahip Bay on December 16 last year.

Rushing to the scene, an elite team of investigative police and a search and rescue unit were met with the sight of an unknown male, clad in nothing but black shorts, his head submerged and wedged against the rocks. With precision, authorities hoisted the lifeless figure onto their vessel, starting a journey to the shores for closer scrutiny.

Initial observations hinted at a potential three to five days since the individual’s demise. Though the preliminary examination raised no red flags of foul play, authorities exercised caution in handling the case.

The deceased bore a striking resemblance to an earlier report of a potential drowning near Lung Sawai restaurant in Na Jomtien on December 12 last year.

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