Bizarre wedding prank goes wrong as groom left in torn clothes

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Most weddings in the West are generally sedate, uneventful affairs, with toasts to the bride and groom while there are others which push the boundaries of tradition like one ceremony in China which resulted in torn trousers for the groom and revealing underwear that shocked guests outraged by tradition.

In rural parts of China, certain long-standing wedding traditions continue to flourish, passed down through generations. These customs often involve the participation of relatives, friends and neighbours who come together to tease and challenge the bride and groom.

The newlyweds, their friends and family from both sides, are expected to engage in playful games and activities whilst proceeding towards the wedding ceremony. This tradition was once considered a wholesome way to create a joyful atmosphere at the wedding; however, over the past few years, it seems to have taken a darker turn, with some participants taking part in violent and inappropriate games. These happenings have caused growing discontent among the public.

A recent event took place in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, on April 12, when the groom successfully picked up his bride at her home. Upon their arrival at the groom’s house, a group of friends began pulling the groom away from his bride to start the traditional games, without giving him a chance to prepare himself, Sanook reported.

Instead of playfully teasing or merely challenging the couple to create a fun atmosphere, these friends proceeded to embarrass and humiliate the groom through various activities. Despite his reluctance and pleas for them to stop, he had no choice but to participate in order not to ruin the wedding and because it was considered a local tradition.

The situation escalated when another group of friends joined in and began tearing the groom’s clothes apart, disregarding his efforts to resist and begging them to leave some attire for him. They turned a deaf ear, ultimately tearing his trousers and suit, leaving him exposed in his undergarments in front of a large crowd.

It’s noteworthy that many people, including the elderly, were present during this incident, yet no one intervened or came to the groom’s defence, leaving him to endure the humiliating ordeal alone.

The wedding photographer, who captured the event and posted it on social media, said…

“They were all the groom’s friends. I feel terrible – it’s awful, but it’s quite common at rural weddings. I’ve seen it a lot.”

There is no clear information on how the wedding proceeded following the groom’s outfit being left in tatters, but the images and story of the incident spread rapidly on social media, unleashing a storm of critical comments from netizens:

“These people aren’t friends – they’re just individuals wanting to see the groom humiliated in front of a large crowd.”

“Is it even worth having friends like these? It’s hard to understand the purpose of such traditions.”

“They’ve ruined the atmosphere – a simple, tasteless and bad-mannered act.”

While cultural norms and long-standing traditions can hold significance, there appears to be an increasing need for reflection and discussion on which customs continue to be relevant and appropriate in our ever-changing world.

To the bride and groom, “Ganbei.”

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