Big-hearted garbage worker gives away reconditioned bicycles to needy kids on Children’s Day

A big-hearted garbage worker intends to celebrate Children’s Day by giving away reconditioned bicycles to underprivileged kids.

The refuse collector, Saksan “Bird” Maksorntong, revealed he has rebuilt a number of broken and abandoned bicycles he found on his rounds and plans to give them to underprivileged kids as a gift on Children’s Day.

Every second Saturday of January is Thailand’s National Children’s Day. It is a day when schools all over the country host a series of fun events for their pupils. Even the Thai prime minister is taking part. PM Prayut Chan o Cha is joining in the celebration by opening his office for children to explore.

For some underprivileged kids, Children’s Day is not a celebration at all, says the philanthropic garbage collector.

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The 35 year old recognized there are thousands of underprivileged kids who miss out on Children’s Day so decided to do something about it.

Bird operates a small recycling centre in the central province of Phitsanulok. He said he found a number of broken bicycles on his rounds, started to fix them up and sold them at his recycling centre for 100 to 200 baht. But, one day he had an epiphany after seeing a small schoolboy trudging alongside a friend on his bicycle and decided to give away the bikes for free.

Bird has been collecting and fixing bicycles for more than 10 years.

“I felt sorry for them and even gave them 100 to 200 baht with the bicycles. People in the community were impressed with the idea.

“Some even brought me used bicycles to fix and give away while the others donated money for me to buy tools to fix the bicycles.”

Tomorrow, 20 of Bird’s reconditioned bicycles will be given to students at Pracha Samakkhee School in the Phrom Phiram district in the Pitsanuloak province.

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