Beetle hunting dispute turns fatal in Kamphaeng Phet

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A dispute over a hunting ground for capturing beetles in Kamphaeng Phet province turned deadly when a 46 year old man, enraged by a prior assault, fatally stabbed a 42 year old villager. The incident occurred yesterday in the Na Bo Kham area and escalated from a heated argument to a violent confrontation.

The mother of the assailant attempted to intervene but to no avail.

Yesterday at 9pm, a violent altercation over territory to catch beetles ended in tragedy when a man succumbed to injuries inflicted by an enraged fellow villager.

In the quiet fields of Na Bo Kham, tensions rose over the placement of nets used to trap the coveted beetles that emerge with the onset of rain. Sought after not only as a food source but also due to their immense value in the market

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It was here that the paths of the two men crossed, leading to fateful consequences. The victim, identified only by his first name, Viroj, was found with multiple wounds after an apparent dispute over the trapping grounds. He was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

The accused, Krisana, claimed self-defence after allegedly being slapped with a gun and beaten with a stick by the deceased.

Blind rage

His mother, 67 year old Nil, recounted the events, stating that she had tried to de-escalate the situation to no avail. She described how Viroj had accused her of tampering with his net, leading to the violent encounter between the two.

In the aftermath of the incident, Krisana surrendered to local police and led them to the scene of the crime.

The investigation, led by the deputy chief of the provincial police and the local police station chief, is ongoing as authorities work to verify the accounts of the incident. The police have yet to find the firearm allegedly used to assault Krisana prior to the stabbing.

According to the initial autopsy, Viroj suffered five severe wounds, including to his torso and head, as well as indications of strangulation. Further forensic examination has been planned to ascertain the precise cause of death, reported Khaosod.

The police surmise that the altercation was sparked by competition for trapping the lucrative beetles. This time of year, the insects emerge to mate in the rainfall, flying into the nets set up by villagers.

These beetles can be sold for 200-250 baht each, providing a significant source of income for the local community. The incident has highlighted not only the value of the beetles but also the tensions that can arise when livelihoods are at stake.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the often unseen struggles that occur in rural communities, where the fight for resources can sometimes have deadly outcomes. The police are continuing their investigation, piecing together the events that led to this tragic loss of life.

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