Canadian company eyes Pattaya for new international school

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To bolster Pattaya’s educational landscape, Mayor Poramase Ngampiches hosted a high-profile meeting with representatives from AKD International Inc. of Canada at Pattaya City Hall on Monday evening. The focus of the discussion was the potential establishment of an international Chinese school in the city.

AKD International Inc., founded in Toronto in 1994, operates 28 schools and two universities in China, boasting over 10,000 current students and 30,000 graduates. Recognising Pattaya’s allure as a global tourist hub, the company is keen on tapping into its educational potential by setting up a high school that caters to Chinese students while also welcoming Thai and international pupils.

Mayor Poramase expressed his appreciation for AKD International’s interest in Pattaya, highlighting the city’s strengths as a major tourist destination and an emerging educational hub. He acknowledged the potential benefits of the proposed school but stressed the importance of a clear educational model and curriculum.

“While we are excited about this potential development, it is crucial to ensure that the school has a solid educational framework.”

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Although the Pattaya administration cannot directly authorise the construction of new schools, Mayor Poramase offered the company valuable guidance. He advised the representatives to liaise with the Thai Ministry of Education to navigate the official approval processes, reported Pattaya News.

Furthermore, he recommended they seek insights from the Rugby International School, which has successfully established a large-scale international presence in Thailand.

In related news, an international school teacher was arrested for deceiving four students and molesting them in their dorm room. A language teacher at an international school In Pathum Thani province tricked four schoolchildren aged between seven and eight into committing indecent acts including masturbating.

The teacher told the children to go to the staff room during lunchtime on the pretence of teaching them how to read in English.

In other news, the Basic Education Commission’s secretary-general issued guidance to all school administrations to halt in-person teachings during periods of extreme heat.

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