Crafty diamond thief nabbed after swindling 2.2 million baht gem

A deceptive gem heist in Bangkok has come to an end with the arrest of the 57 year old perpetrator, who had been posing as a jewellery broker. The cunning thief managed to swindle a 3-carat diamond worth 2.2 million baht from an unsuspecting seller by replacing it with a counterfeit stone before making his escape.

The Royal Thai Police apprehended the perpetrator in Rayong Province, following a meticulously executed sting that traced the stolen goods back to their criminal source.

The suspect, identified only by his first name Sunchan, was arrested on a bustling street in the district of Mueang Rayong, ending his spree of theft and deception.

Prior to his capture, Sunchan had contacted a victim who was looking to sell a valuable 3-carat diamond. Feigning to be a middleman in the jewellery trade, he gained the victim’s trust and arranged a meeting to inspect the diamond.

While the seller was distracted, the seasoned thief swapped the real diamond with a fake and vanished without a trace.

The theft was only discovered when the victim realised the deception and reported the incident to the Yan Nawa Police Station.

A warrant for Sunchan’s arrest was issued by the South Bangkok Criminal Court on March 25, 2024, with the charge being joint theft of property.

The police, led by Police Major General Manote Teskhan, commander of the Crime Suppression Division, and with the investigative team headed by Police Colonel Manoon Kaewkam and Police Lieutenant Colonel Tanabodee Duangjit, eventually tracked down Sunchan.

Upon his arrest, he confessed to the crime, admitting that he had sold the stolen diamond and squandered the proceeds on a lavish lifestyle.

A background check revealed that this was not Sunchan’s first offence. He had previously committed similar crimes both in Bangkok and in the province of Phichit.

With his extensive criminal history now catching up to him, Sunchan faces prosecution for his latest act of theft, and the case has been referred back to the Yan Nawa Police Station for further legal action, reported KhaoSod.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the sophisticated tactics employed by criminals in the lucrative world of gem trading.

The prompt actions of the Thai police have brought a measure of justice, but the case also highlights the need for vigilance among those engaging in high value transactions.

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