Bangkok warned of quake risks for pre-2007 buildings amid Myanmar tremors

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In light of a recent 6.0-magnitude earthquake that struck Myanmar‘s southern coast, the Thai Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) warned that Bangkok buildings constructed before the 2007 building code revision could potentially suffer damage from future quakes. The capital’s high-rise buildings experienced the effects of the seismic activity from Myanmar, whose epicentre was approximately 490 kilometres west of Bangkok.

DMR chief, Oranuj Lorphensri, highlighted that the recent earthquake’s epicentre was located along Myanmar’s 1,200-kilometre-long Sagaing fault, a highly active seismic region. Historical data indicates that tectonic activities along the fault have produced significant earthquakes, including ten incidents measuring over 6.8 magnitudes between 1905 and 2012. The DMR’s latest forecast predicts a potential 7.5-magnitude quake around 2030.

Oranuj Lorphensri stressed that “older buildings might sustain some minor damage, like small cracks,” while newer structures should not be significantly impacted. Thailand has 16 active faults traversing 23 provinces. Of the earthquakes recorded between 1912 and 2022, six were caused by Thailand’s faults, while 46 originated from external regional faults in Myanmar and China’s Yunnan province, KhaoSod reported.

Civil engineering expert Tanit Jaisa-ard of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration stated that the Department of Public Works, Town and Country Planning has established regulations to ensure high-rise building safety during earthquakes. He confidently affirmed that buildings constructed after 2007, including high-rise condominiums and office buildings, can withstand earthquakes. The department plans to conduct safety inspections on older structures, specifically those five stories or higher built before 2007.

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Two days ago, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake was recorded, originating just 10 kilometres beneath the Earth’s surface in the southern coastal region of Myanmar, roughly 289 kilometres southwest of Phop Phra district in Thailand’s Tak province, as reported by the Earthquake Observation Division of the Thai Meteorological Department.

The seismic event was perceptible in both Nonthaburi and Bangkok, with individuals in high-rise buildings being particularly aware of the tremors. Fortunately, no damage or casualties have been reported as a result of the earthquake. To read more click HERE

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