Bangkok squatters sentenced and fined over illegal occupation

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Min Buri Criminal Court sentenced four squatters to prison for illegally occupying a property in Bangkok. The defendants were accused of trespassing, property damage, and theft at the residence. The court ordered a collective fine of 22,000 baht and a total compensation payment of 1 million baht to the victim, who has decided not to pursue further legal action.

The case involved the four defendants, identified only by their first names, Sriprapha, Nittaya, Polkrit, and Mali for unlawfully claiming ownership and occupying a house belonging to Agoo, before vacating at the end of last year.

After leaving, they illicitly returned to assert their rights over the property, leading to a police report at the Khok Kram Police Station. The incident took place in a village located in Soi Ram Intra 58, Bangkok.

The defendants, who are of advanced age, agreed to pay the victim 1 million baht in damages, in three instalments, which has been accepted with compassion.

They were granted bail at 50,000 baht each earlier today when they, along with their lawyers, attended the court to hear the verdict.

The court, after deliberation, found that the defendants had intruded on the property twice between 2017 and 2023, as it appeared unoccupied at the time. They made structural additions and resided there.

Unexpected leniency

The prosecution did not provide evidence of trespassing during the day or night, which benefited the defendants, leading the court to consider it daytime trespassing, not a continuous offence.

The court convicted the defendants under sections 335 and 365, combined with section 83 of the Criminal Code, sentencing them to six months in prison and a 2,000 baht fine for trespassing, and one year in prison with a 20,000 baht fine each for theft.

After a confession, the sentences were reduced to a nine-month imprisonment and an 11,000 baht fine for all defendants.

Taking into account the defendants’ advanced age and their cooperation in compensating the victim with 1 million baht to their satisfaction, the court decided to give them a chance to reform, suspending the prison sentences for two years.

As for the charge of property damage, which is a compoundable offence, the co-plaintiff requested to withdraw the charges, expressing no further interest in pursuing the case.

Amnuayporn Manivorawan, the victim’s lawyer, noted that with the withdrawal of the property damage charge and the court’s leniency due to the defendant’s lack of prior offences and old age, the case is now concluded at the trial level.

The defendants have already compensated for the damages related to the property claim, with the petition being withdrawn beforehand.

Agoo’s nephew, Sun and his wife were present at the court, with his wife stating that this case serves as a lesson that illegal actions have consequences, and such behaviour should not be regarded as normal in society, reported Khaosod.

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