Barking debate: Viral video of pet dog in hot car ignites social media furor

Photo courtesy of Sanook.

A recent incident involving a pet dog left in a car by its owner has sparked a debate on social media. A video clip posted by a TikTok user @mycatsmycup showed a pet dog left in a car parked at a popular shopping mall in Bangkok. The owner had left a message on the car’s display screen assuring passers-by that the air conditioning was on and that they would be returning shortly, sparking serious debates on pet ethics.

The car was discovered by the TikTok user who noticed the dog sitting comfortably inside. The dog’s owner had set the car’s temperature to 23 degrees Celsius and left a digital note. It said…

“My driver will be back soon. Don’t worry! The air conditioning is on.”

The video clip generated an array of comments from netizens, with many praising the owner’s care for the dog. The use of the term “my driver” instead of “the owner” sparked curiosity, leading many to speculate about the owner’s high status. Others questioned the brand of the car, suggesting that it might be a Tesla electric vehicle noted for its pet-friendly features.

The dog’s owner later commented on the video, explaining that they had gone shopping at a supermarket and could not bring the dog inside. Therefore, they left the dog in the car with the Dog Mode activated. The owner also mentioned the importance of taking dogs outside regularly to help them socialise with other people and animals, reported Sanook.

Pet ethics awareness is spreading across various countries. In a recent incident in Taiwan, a video showing a woman helping a Samoyed dog cross the road gained widespread attention. Observers volunteered to guide the dog, demonstrating a collective effort to assist the woman in her task. Read more HERE.

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