Bangkok safety centre being set up for secure New Year celebrations

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Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has initiated a safety centre to enhance security measures for the upcoming New Year festivities, strongly urging the public to adhere to the established safety protocols throughout the celebration period. This move was announced by Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt this Tuesday, who shed light on the specifics of a safety regulation that has been issued in anticipation of the New Year’s celebration.

Chadchart elaborated that this regulation, which draws upon the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Act 2017, has been implemented in light of the considerable amount of public mobility expected during the holiday season. This mass movement of people can inadvertently give rise to safety risks such as accidents, heightened criminal activity, and disease transmission among dense crowds.

Chadchart further pointed out that the regulation also encompasses safeguards against fire hazards, given that many celebration venues incorporate the use of fireworks into their event line-up. The regulation is primarily centred around four key aspects, fire protection and risk location investigation.

The first aspect of the regulation involves the establishment of the Bangkok Situation Tracking Centre, which will primarily focus on conducting safety investigations in communities or locations that are particularly susceptible to accidents or crimes. The centre will also be responsible for monitoring entertainment venues, with special attention being given to traffic plans, entry and exit points, safety measures, and crowd management via CCTV surveillance.

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The personnel at the centre are also tasked with inspecting fireworks storage facilities and authorized sellers, who are required to adhere to regulations concerning the safety, protection, sale, and ownership of fireworks.

The second aspect of the regulation pertains to area management at entertainment venues and event locations. As per the regulations, operators of venues and events are required to carry out physical checks of safety equipment such as fire protection systems, entry and exit points, alarm signals, emergency generators, and fire escape areas. These locations are also required to implement measures to prevent overcrowding.

The regulation also addresses safety concerns regarding electrical appliances and the storage of flammable objects. It includes provisions for drunk driving protections, to reduce the incidence of car accidents, reported Bangkok Post.

The regulation strictly prohibits the individual use of fireworks during the holiday season. The use of hot-air or smoke balloons is also banned over this period. Violation of these regulations could result in a minimum of three years imprisonment, a fine of 60,000 baht (US$1,740), or both. Unauthorized sellers could face at least a month of detention, a fine of 1,000 baht (US$29) or both.

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