Thailand considers humanitarian centre for Myanmar refugees

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The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs is considering the establishment of a humanitarian assistance centre along the Thai-Myanmar border. The proposed centre aims to aid Myanmar refugees fleeing the internal conflict between junta forces and rebel minority groups.

Foreign Minister Parnpree Bahiddha-nukara confirmed ongoing discussions with Myanmar officials yesterday about this initiative, prompted by the dire circumstances within Myanmar and stated that…

“Thailand shares approximately 2,400 kilometres of border with Myanmar. [That’s why] Thailand can’t stay still and has to provide [humanitarian] assistance to Myanmar refugees,”

The proposed centre, once established, will serve as a vital conduit for the transportation, provision of medical services, and food for those affected by Myanmar’s internal conflicts.

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According to Parnpree, the Thai Ministry is currently engaged in discussions with both the Myanmar government and several ethnic minority groups. There is a preliminary agreement on the idea, however, additional negotiations are required. Myanmar is expected to dispatch a team to Thailand early next month to further discuss the matter reports Bangkok Post.

These discussions are also anticipated to yield strategies for managing any future influx of refugees into Thailand.

When questioned about the need for Thailand to reassess the Asean’s five-point consensus, which advocates for the cessation of violence and dialogue among all parties, Parnpree confirmed Thailand’s continued support for the agreement.

Parnpree emphasised Thailand’s lasting friendship with Myanmar but stressed that as a member of Asean, the Thai government cannot interfere directly. He also addressed the Israel-Hamas conflict, revealing that Qatar is attempting to negotiate another truce to free the remaining hostages.

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