Bangkok road provides dangerous bed for sleepy motorcyclist

A Bangkok traffic cop posted a TikTok video of a man who dozed off on his motorcycle in the middle of a dangerous road. The officer emphasized that the man was not under the influence of alcohol, just very, very sleepy.

The video on the cop’s TikTok account, Nui Seeaun, shows a man in an olive green coat slumped over his motorcycle in the left lane of a busy road, sleeping. Watch the video here.

The video caption said…

“The incident happened at the Kor Por Aor Intersection in the Don Mueang district of Bangkok. I can confirm that he was not drunk. He was very sleepy. He could not continue his journey and decided to park It was a bit frightening. Thank you to the motorists who witnessed this and quickly reported it to the police. The rider insisted that he could continue riding. Take care, everyone. Let’s go to work! I am rooting for everyone!”

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In the video, the officer can be seen waking up the motorcyclist, asking if he was okay, and even offering to help him find a place to rest. The officer asked…

“Are you ok? What happened? Why are you parking here?”

The rider said…

“I am travelling back home to Klong Sam in Pathum Thani. I was so sleepy and suddenly slept. I could continue riding.”

The police officer urged the rider to sleep somewhere under the tree on the roadside because his home was pretty far, about 23 kilometres from the spot. However, the rider refused and insisted to continue riding.

TikTokers commented on the video saying they hoped the man will arrive home safely. Many other netizens praised the police officer for his kindness and understanding. They said…

“This is called good police! I like how you dealt with it. Other officers might fine him.”

“I am happy to see a good police officer.”

“Respect! Wish you success in your career!”

“You make me know that Thailand still has a good police officer!”

Netizens speculated that the man may have been reluctant to abandon his motorcycle for fear of theft. Some claimed to have experienced a similar situation.

Under Section 53(3) of the Land Traffic Act, operating a vehicle in a manner that impedes traffic can result in imprisonment for up to three months, a fine between 2,000 to 10,000 baht, or both. However, as the rider’s actions were not deliberate and he appeared to be in need of rest, he was not charged.

A similar video of a sleepy but drunk motorcycle rider was circulating on Thai social media last year.

The incident happened at night on some roads outside Bangkok. The video showed a group of men trying to wake the motorcycle rider up and ended up having to give him a ride back home. Watch the video here.

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