Bangkok officer severely injured in unexpected knife attack

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A heated altercation in Bangkok led to a violent attack on a police officer, who sustained severe head injuries after an unsuccessful attempt to de-escalate the situation, ultimately culminating in the officer being struck in the head with a bread knife in a blind fit of rage.

The incident occurred in front of a gas station on Krung Kasem Road in the Pom Prap Sattru Phai district when a 43 year old man Apivat engaged in a confrontation with a group of homeless people and subsequently attacked Police Lieutenant Pongsarat Prawakho, a traffic control officer with the Expressway 1 Traffic Control Center, with a large knife used to cut bread.

The officer suffered three serious wounds to the head.

At 9.30am this morning, Apivat was taken into custody by officers from the Plubplachai 2 Police Station to reenact the crime as part of his confession before proceeding with legal action.

During the reenactment, Apivat claimed that he was involved in a fight with a group of homeless people not far from the scene who intended to damage his vehicle, prompting the locals to call Lieutenant Pongsarat for assistance.

After walking away from the altercation towards the gas station, Apivat noticed a bread knife at a noodle vendor’s dishwashing area. In his continued anger, he grabbed the knife intending to attack his previous opponents.

Street fighting

Apivat further claimed that Lieutenant Pongsarat stood in his way, leading to the officer being unintentionally struck by the knife because he was “only looking down and slashing without regard to whom he was hitting.”

Apivat said he did not realise he was attacking a police officer at the time of the incident.

This dramatic incident has highlighted the unpredictable nature of street confrontations and the dangers faced by law enforcement officers daily. The quick response of the police in apprehending the assailant has been commended, as they managed to control the situation despite the chaos and risk involved.

Lt. Pongsarat’s commitment to duty and resilience even after being injured has earned him considerable respect.

The case has now moved into the legal phase, with further investigation and legal proceedings to follow. The community has been left shaken by the violence of the attack and the serious injuries sustained by the police officer. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for constant vigilance and the potential for conflict escalation in urban areas.

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