Bangkok man detained by police after allegedly assaulting woman

PHOTO: Trairat Petthamrongchai/Twitter

A man in Bangkok has been detained by police after allegedly assaulting a female Grab driver and then driving off. A video of the incident shows the man carrying a gun.

The 36 year old man identified as “Sethawut” now faces charges of assault, criminal damage, and 2 weapons offences.

Sethawut reportedly struck Grab driver Surang Sinkaew. It’s unclear what led up to the incident. A security guard intervened and a bystander filmed the altercation. The driver held on to Sethawut’s shirt as he attempted to leave the scene. His shirt was pulled off and he left shirtless.

Surang was left bloodied from the assault. She reportedly had a head wound. Blood was also visible on her shoulder. A warrant was then issued for Sethawut’s arrest.

SOURCE: ASEAN Now Daily News

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