Bangkok hotel’s ‘loo-natic’ layout leaves guest in stitches

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A Thai woman shared her hilarious hotel room escapade in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit neighbourhood on Facebook, where the accommodation featured a peculiar floor plan. Imagine a flush toilet just a step away from the bed – a convenience that raised hygiene concerns but also had her in stitches with its “loo-natic” layout.

The Thai woman shared her story in a Facebook group. She revealed that she booked a hotel for her daughter and opted for an affordable one because her daughter would stay for only one night. She pointed out that she knew before the booking that the room would be small but she did not expect that it would be too small to accommodate a bathroom.

The woman shared pictures of the room, taken by her daughter, with netizens. She explained that her daughter stepped in and spotted a flush toilet only one step away from her bed.

According to the woman, the hotel staff were well aware of the room’s unconventional design and even raised concerns about her daughter’s comfort upon check-in. However, her daughter was speechless at the sight but still chose to stay.

The woman provided more details, saying the room cost 900 baht per night. It was clean and well-equipped with modern amenities. The flush toilet was the only oddity.

The woman added that she had spent time in several hotels in her life but she had never found any hotel that included a flush toilet in the bedroom. She found it funny even if she was worried about the potential impact on hygiene.

The post drew the attention of many Facebook group members. Netizens shared that it would be common if it occurred in countries that have limited space due to the numbers of population or the size of the country.

Others raised serious concerns, urging the hotel to prioritize customer hygiene and even questioning whether the layout might violate local regulations governing hotel construction.

Some people expressed serious suggestions stating the hotel should care more about their customers’ hygiene while others questioned whether it violated Thai law related to hotel construction.

One woman urged relevant Thai departments to check whether the hotel revealed it had a flush toilet on its platform or give a clear picture of a floor plan to the customers.

Another Thai man recently shared a strange experience at a different Bangkok hotel in July. The Thai man encountered a spooky hotel with mysterious footprints and chilling messages on the wall, strange noises, and a shrine on the balcony.

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