Elderly man’s skeletal remains found under Samut Prakan bridge

An unfortunate discovery was made under the Khlong Khut bridge where an elderly man’s skeletal remains lay undetected for roughly two months. The remains were found by police and a local charity in Bang Phli district, Samut Prakan province, yesterday, September 12, around 6.30pm. The elderly man, believed to be between 65-70 years old, had been living under the bridge, unnoticed by locals until now. His remains were widely scattered, and insects had eaten away at his flesh, leaving behind only bones.

Investigations at the scene revealed signs of a makeshift living area. A bedding, a pillow, and a blanket were found alongside neatly hung clothes, hinting at the deceased’s former residence. The skeletal remains were scattered across the area, with parts of his legs, chest, and head found under the bridge and in the canal. However, both arms were missing. It is believed that the man had been dead for at least a month before his remains were discovered.

A local plant seller, who had seen the elderly man frequently, shared that he used to sleep and sit near a wooden hut close to the plant shop. The man, carrying a bag of clothes, would often receive food and water from the plant seller and passing locals who took pity on him. However, about two months ago, the elderly man disappeared, and the plant seller, noticing his absence, assumed he had moved on.

The authorities speculate that the deceased man was an elderly individual who had taken up residence under the bridge. His death had gone unnoticed for over two months, and it was only when locals fishing in the area stumbled upon his skeletal remains that the discovery was made.

The authorities have handed over the remains to a local charity, which will transport them to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for identification. Once the man’s identity is confirmed, relatives will be contacted to collect his remains for a religious ceremony, reports Khaosod Online.

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