Haunted hotel horror: Thai man’s spine-chilling encounter in Bangkok sends shivers down social media

Photo via Facebook/ Thanawin Khamsorn

A Thai man shared his spooky experience at a hotel in the Sukhumvit neighbourhood of Bangkok on Facebook. Mysterious footprints, strange noises, a shrine, and a chilling message were found.

The man, 37 year old Thanawin Khamsom, posted videos and pictures of the hotel on Facebook. At first glance, the Bangkok hotel appeared to be an ideal place for rest, with its clean and newly furnished rooms. However, Thanawin soon discovered something spooky as he mentioned in the post’s caption…

“On July 11, I was very exhausted. I checked in at a hotel to rest and get ready for work the next day. I got room number 510 on the fifth floor. I paid 1,200 baht for a night. With the price, that was not that cheap, I thought I would be fine.

“I did not notice anything when I entered the room because I was tired and wanted to rest. I fell asleep from about 9pm to 10pm and later woke up at about 1.13am because I heard footsteps within the room, followed by sounds of running water from the bathroom. I decided to turn off every light inside the room and started investigating the origin of the voices.”

Thanawin then explained the strange and spooky things in his room. Firstly, he stumbled upon a shrine situated on the room’s balcony. In Thailand, it is normal for a place to have a shrine, but it is normally located on the ground floor in front of the buildings or houses, not a balcony.

Secondly, he discovered a footprint on the wall that had not been there before he went to sleep. Third, he found coins on the headboard of two twin beds in the room. According to Thai beliefs, people will place coins under the mattress or on the bed’s headboard to buy or rent the bed from the owner that humans could not see.

Lastly, Thanawin claimed that he found a message written on the wall with a red pen stating, “Death.”

Thanawin decided to record what he saw on his phone and contacted the hotel staff members to request a new room. He added that he could not sleep even after he moved to a new room on the second floor, but luckily he did not find anything strange again.

Channel 3 interviewed Thanawin today after his post went viral on Thai social media gaining over 10,000 reactions, 4,000 comments, and 20,000 shares.

Thanawin revealed to the media that he did not book the spooky Bangkok hotel in advance, he just searched for a hotel with available rooms. His room was the last one available. Luckily, he had an opportunity to change his room in the middle of the night because some guests checked out.

Thanawin disclosed that he later talked with the hotel staff before checking out. A staff member claimed that the hotel did not have an empty space for the shrine, so they had to construct it on the balcony. The staff insisted that they had never seen the word “Death” and the footprint inside the room before.

Moreover, the staff clarified that the room in question was not intended for guests and was always kept locked. Unfortunately, the staff member who allocated the room to Thanawin was new and unaware of the details. The hotel staff promised to refund Thanawin for his stay and begged him not to disclose the hotel’s name.


Bangkok Thailand Hotel
The footprint was found in the wall near the bed. | Photo via Facebook/ Thanawin Khamsorn
Hotel spooky ghost Bangkok thailand
The word “Death” was found on the wall. | Photo via Facebook/ Thanawin Khamsorn
Hotel in Bangkok
The shrine on the balcony. | Photo via Facebook/ Thanawin Khamsorn

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