Astrologer Cher Horo Lover unveils 2024’s zodiac forecasts

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Astrologer Cher Horo Lover has revealed his predictions for the fortunes of the twelve zodiac signs for the year 2024, highlighting three star signs expected to have a particularly prosperous year. His predictions, made on the ‘Lottery Trend’ programme, include forecasts of luck, wealth, and career prospects for each sign, reports Khaosod.

Capricorn, represented by the Three Coins card, is predicted to have a prosperous year in terms of work, investments, and business. Regular salary workers can expect an increase in workload, while entrepreneurs should anticipate business expansion or diversification.

Aquarius, represented by the Ace of Wands card, is about to embark on new ventures, whether it be a new job, business, or change in position. This could also be the year they secure a permanent position in the civil service.

Pisces is represented by the Nine of Cups card, signifying happiness in life. Stress and worries should be replaced with smiles and laughter, bringing good luck and prosperity.

Aries, represented by the Two of Cups card, will shine in love and communication. They will be admired and supported by seniors, and those who have been single for a while can expect their love life to flourish.

Taurus is represented by the Ace of Coins card, indicating great wealth luck and success in all financial matters. Whether it’s lottery luck, reward anticipation, or business investment, life is expected to take a turn for the better.

Gemini, represented by the Six of Coins card, will have fluid financial movements. Financial constraints will be resolved, whether through loans, credit applications, or property purchases. This could be the year they acquire a new house or car.

Cancer, represented by the Queen of Cups card, will find the year becoming easier. Those who have been struggling will see improvements, and the year will be happier overall.

Leo, represented by The Sun card, will be as fortunate as Taurus in wealth luck. Those in the entertainment industry will have a successful year, as will business people. They will gain recognition from customers and partners, leading to an increase in customers and online followers.

Virgo is represented by the Two of Wands card, with the work and particularly international business sectors expected to excel. This includes export, import, transport businesses, guides, and tourism, all of which will see progress and support.

Libra, represented by the Seven of Cups card, will find happiness in relationships. Any planned life changes will start to manifest.

Scorpio is represented by the Eight of Wands card, primarily excelling in work and progress. Those in sales or acting as representatives will have expanded channels and business growth. Civil servants can expect promotions.

Last zodiac sign, Sagittarius, represented by the Knight of Wands card, will experience progress and change, such as moving house, residence, workplace, or job position. However, these changes will be for the better.

The top three zodiac signs predicted to have exceptional lottery luck this year are Taurus, represented by the Ace of Coins card, Leo, represented by The Sun card, and Capricorn, represented by the Three Coins card. While it may not be a large lump sum for Capricorn, luck is expected to come steadily throughout the year.

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