Amazon Web Services to invest billions of dollars in Thailand

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced on Monday that it plans to invest billions of dollars in Thailand over the next 15 years. AWS, Amazon’s cloud computing division, plans to invest $US5 billion (about 190 billion baht) in Thailand during that time.

AWS will carry out the investment in phases. In the first phase, 20 billion baht will be invested immediately, according to Deputy PM Supattanapong Punmeechaow.

AWS also plans to set up an infrastructure hub in Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok. The hubs will help customers in the region securely store data and serve end users better.

This will enable developers, startups, and enterprises, as well as government, education, and nonprofit organizations, to run their applications and serve end users from AWS data centres located in Thailand, ensuring that customers who want to keep their data in Thailand can do so.

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Supattanapong said the centres are a big milestone in bringing advanced cloud computing services to more organisations. He added that the government is also trying to attract more foreign investment in other industries.

AWS’ cloud platform offers more than 200 services, including storage, robotics and artificial intelligence. Last month, the division opened its first cloud data centre in UAE. It also announced plans to set up a hub in Mexico.

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