Almost 8 million register for stimulus scheme, app briefly goes down

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Almost 8 million Thai people have registered for the 50:50 copayment in the scheme in just an hour. The application opened at 6 am today. There was a short “disruption” in the “Pao Tang” app as a result

However, the disruption was short-lived and the app was available soon after going down. Currently, around 23 million people qualify to get the financial boost of 3,000 baht per person. It will be parceled out from July 1 to September 30, and then October 1 to December 31.

The most that can be spent in a day is 150 baht.

Director of the Office of Fiscal Policy, Ms Kulaya Tantitemit, says that people who subscribed to “Chim Shop Chai” which translates to eat, shop, spend, We Travel Together, “Rao Chana”, “Mor 33 Rao Rak Kan” or “Wallet Sor Bor More”, can still register through the Pao Tang app to double check their registration. They can also go to this link.

People who have not subscribed to any of the aforementioned programs can still do so by registering through the website. They will then receive a text message to confirm their registration. Which should come in 3 days. Then, they will have double check their registration and identify themselves through facial recognition through the Krungthai NEXT app, or by visiting any branch office of a state owned Krungthai Bank.

Owners of “general stores”, spas, massage or manicure parlours, public transport, or operators of village funds, community enterprises, Thong Fah stores, are also eligible to get in on the copayment scheme starting today.


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