Man United FA Cup win serves up free feast frenzy in Khon Kaen

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Khon Kaen locals did not forget the promises of free meals from a BBQ restaurant if Manchester United were to win the FA Cup. Their wishes came to fruition, after a 2-1 victory over Premier League champions Manchester City, where fans rushed to the feast with queue cards diminishing in just 13 minutes.

The players began their celebrations right from the dressing room, culminating in a city-wide party.

In a gesture of appreciation, Apichart Pharmsri, a renowned Thai boxer and owner of the famous Mu Ping Nak Muay business, announced the giveaway of 1,000 pork skewers and 200 packs of sticky rice to commemorate the Red Devils’ triumph in the FA Cup.

Similarly, yesterday at 3.30pm, at Man Nua BBQ buffet in Khon Kaen Municipality, following the news of Manchester United’s victory, distributed 200 free queue cards for the BBQ.

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Man United FA Cup win serves up free feast frenzy in Khon Kaen | News by Thaiger
Grilled pork BBQ

This follows the promises of free meals in the case of United’s victory made last week, May 24.

With a 2-1 scoreline for the Red Devils, enthusiastic fans lined up wearing various Man United jerseys for their free BBQ queue cards even before the scheduled distribution at 3:30 pm.

Early birds

Some arrived as early as 1pm, exceeding the initial 200-person limit set by the restaurant.

Despite distributing all queue cards in just 13 minutes, there were still many fans eager to participate.

Restaurant co-owner, 38 year old Anan Kitprasart couldn’t resist the hopeful gazes and announced that they would provide an additional 50 queue cards for free, much to the delight of the fans.

Moreover, another co-owner, 37 year old Chatdanai Lihajum who was wearing a Liverpool FC jersey, prepared to make a duck larb ped to serve to those who came to enjoy the BBQ, especially Man United fans.

He jokingly asserted that the duck larb might be slightly salty due to the tears shed while preparing it but it was made wholeheartedly for the passionate United fans.

After welcoming customers to join the BBQ event, the atmosphere was filled with passionate United fans who not only gathered at the restaurant to enjoy the BBQ but also to show their full support for the football club.

Endless feast

The special menu was served to enthusiastic Man United fans until 4am, along with continuous replenishment of grilled pork to meet the demands of the fans inside the restaurant, reported Channel 3.

This event showcases an inspiring community effort behind football, where the celebrations of the victories of their beloved clubs transcend all boundaries.

Locals, and United supporters alike are greatly appreciative of the restaurant for sticking to their promises and uniting community members.

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