40 year old Thai family boat noodle recipe rejuvenated with a festive twist

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A revived family recipe of boat noodles that has been passed down for over 40 years is making a big splash in Chon Buri. The charismatic owner, Preece, found success not just with the great taste of her noodles, but also due to her flashy traditional Thai outfits that intrigue customers.

The noodle shop, known as Mae Tuk Boat Noodles, owes its recipe to Preece’s mother. In her younger days, Preece’s mother originally sold the boat noodles but had to close the shop as it was not sustainable for their living. Given time, Preece consulted with her mother and siblings and decided to reopen the noodle business using the original family recipe.

Since its reopening, the shop has received great public reception through the flavourful noodles, especially the super pork boat noodle soup, hot pot kow lao, beef tendon kow lao set with optional added boiled egg, fried wonton strip, and grilled meatballs. Beyond the noodles, the shop also sells pork satay, mixed sausage, authentic Vietnamese fried spring rolls, fried dumplings, and grilled meatballs.

40 year old Thai family boat noodle recipe rejuvenated with a festive twist | News by Thaiger
Photo: Nong Preece via KhaoSod

What distinguishes Preece’s noodle shop from others, apart from the delicious taste of the boat noodles, is the ambience. The vivacious Preece and her sister and mother, who all help run the shop, often dress in vibrant Thai traditional costumes, reported KhaoSod. This certainly catches the attention of their customers, many of whom enjoy taking pictures of their colourful hosts while savouring the tasty dishes.

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As for the noodles themselves, they stick to the mother’s original recipe, ensuring the use of premium ingredients such as quality beef and pork. The soup base remains potent and flavourful, whether in their traditional boat noodles or the northeastern dishes and pork satay they also serve.

Mae Tuk Boat Noodles operates daily from 9am to 6pm, located around Bangkok Hospital Pattaya on Sukhumvit Road. Further updates can be followed on their Facebook page, Mae Tuk Boat Noodles Original Pattaya Branch.

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