23 military students hospitalised after being trained too hard

Twenty-three military students of the Army Reserve Training Centre at Narathiwat School were sent to the hospital with serious muscle and kidney injuries due to being trained too hard. The army trainer has been relieved of his duties while the matter is investigated.

Parents of the injured military students posted on Facebook on November 30 that their sons and some of their son’s friends suffered from rhabdomyolysis (a serious medical condition that can be fatal or result in permanent disability) and kidney failure after a teacher pushed them too hard.

Thairath reported that the teacher ordered the students to do 200 jump squats in hot weather. The Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Hospital also confirmed that 18 military students were admitted to the hospital while five others were taken to Rueso Hospital. Six of them needed urgent hemodialysis treatment (a machine that filters wastes, salts and fluid from your blood when your kidneys are no longer healthy enough to do this work adequately).

The forensic medical professor from Sinakarinwirot University, Weerasak Jaratchaisri, revealed that each student suffered from rhabdomyolysis which happens when someone is pushed hard doing too much exercise. The body is dehydrated and it causes some muscle parts to crumble.

Also, too much exercise generates some chemical substances that force the kidneys to work harder until they fail.

The Commander of the 4th Army Region, Santi Sakuntanark, visited Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Hospital to talk with the student victims and their parents. Santi revealed that nine students had recovered and had already travelled back home, while the other 14 were still under the close care of medical workers.

Thairath revealed that eight students still needed hemodialysis two to three times a week. Their blood and urine would be checked daily.

Santi said…

“I will demolish the whole training system and plan it again. I will hold a seminar to discuss how to prevent this scenario in the future. The department promises to follow up and take the best care of the students and their families no matter how long they stayed in the hospital.”

Santi added…

“The Commander of the Royal Thai Army promised to the victims, parents, and media that we will investigate the issue under the justice system.”

The trainer and other involved officers will be questioned.

The identity of the soldier trainer has not been revealed to the media. The department only revealed that the person had been temporarily removed from the position until the investigation is completed.

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