2 underage girls rescued after their mother forced them into prostitution

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Non-profit organisation the Saimai Survive with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security successfully swooped and rescued two girls aged 11 and 16 after their mother forced them into prostitution to feed her expensive drugs habit.

The woman’s 19 year old daughter, A, reached out to Saimai Survive for assistance. The teenager reported that her two younger sisters had been forced into prostitution by her 52 year old mother, Dee.

A was also forced to provide sexual services to men in the Pa Kluy Community in the Chatuchak district of Bangkok to generate income for household expenses and drugs.

Dee has eight children with three different men, but only A and her two sisters lived with their mother. She and two siblings shared the same father who has died.

A revealed that her mother forced her into prostitution when she was 11 years old before she ran away from home. She kept in touch with her two sisters who told her that they too were being subjected to the same horrifying ordeal.

A claimed that the entire community is aware of the suffering endured by her sisters, yet no one came forward to help them. Her 16 year old sister has already made one suicide attempt which prompted her to take action and help them as soon as possible.

The authorities yesterday, July 9, visited the Pa Kluy Community in the Chatuchak district of Bangkok to rescue the two victims. Police officers arrested Dee who protested loudly, denying all accusations. The two victims cried and ran to hug A, immediately after she arrived with the police.

Dee’s older sister Gee, came to the scene and explained why she did not help her nieces. Gee disclosed that she attempted to help Dee and the nieces several times in the past, but Dee was angry and tried to hurt her. Dee used a knife on a local in the past, so she was scared to intervene.

Local community members expressed their relief and joy upon Dee’s arrest, as she had frequently engaged in physical altercations and caused disturbances in the community.

According to an officer from the Women and Children Shelter, the two teenage victims would be under the care of the shelter. They will undergo comprehensive health assessments and receive the necessary treatments to address both their mental and physical well-being.

As for Dee, the authorities will thoroughly question her and gather additional evidence before proceeding with the charges. Initially, she will face charges related to drug use. If the allegations of operating an underage prostitution scheme are proven to be true, she will face further charges.

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