Reckless car drifting stunt in busy Chon Buri intersection sparks outrage

Photo: KhaoSod

An online video showing a car recklessly drifting in the centre of a major intersection, causing distress among residents, has drawn widespread criticism. The incident occurred last week and was shared recently by a Facebook user.

The video depicts the car performing a dangerous drift stunt without any regard for the pedestrians crossing the road or other vehicles halted at the traffic light. The location was later identified as the Kiri intersection on Sukhumvit Road, Huai Kapi, Mueang, Chon Buri.

That intersection is a main route towards Bang Saen-Si Racha and is typically bustling with vehicles. Forty-four-year-old Aek, a local motorcycle taxi driver, expressed his concern over the incident. He stated that although it appeared to be a deliberate act of drifting, such behaviour was inappropriate considering the amount of cars and heavy traffic on the main road. He urged individuals to consider the potential danger such actions could cause and denounced it as a bad example.

The person who posted the drifting video, 26 year old Prameswar, recounted that he shot the footage of the car on Monday, September 4, around 5pm. He was on his way to pick up his girlfriend in Si Racha. While waiting at a red light, he noticed the aforementioned car accelerating and spinning around. Initially, he thought the car’s steering wheel was locked, but upon closer observation, it appeared that the driver was intentionally performing drifts, reported KhaoSod.

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Fearing a potential accident due to the heavy traffic and pedestrians crossing the road, Prameswar decided to film the incident. He noticed the car continued to drift for several rounds. The driver seemed indifferent to the risk of an accident in an area filled with stationary vehicles and pedestrians. If any mistakes were made, it could certainly lead to injuries.

Prameswar said he urged the car owner in the video, and others thinking of doing the same, to refrain from such reckless drifting actions as innocent bystanders unaware of the situation could end up getting hurt.

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