“Red buses are a rip-off. We’d rather use Grab or Uber” – Chiang Mai

A poll among Thai tourists in Chiang Mai is giving a big preference to local Uber and Grab services and the thumbs down to the northern city’s notorious ‘Rot Daeng’ or red buses.

The Mae Jo poll shows that 76% of Thai tourists want to see the red vehicles reined in. While 78% say they’d rather use Grab or Uber for their journeys when visiting Chiang Mai. There were 423 respondents to the poll between January 9 and 23. The poll was conducted with Thai visitors only.

The problem wasn’t lost on Thai celebrity Ratchanont Suprakob, read HERE.

Chiang Mai News reports that the majority of respondents to the survey spoke of the city’s public transport infrastructure and routing being “a complete mess”.

84% say they have had had “one problem or another on transport in Chiang Mai” with the overwhelming majority having been on the red buses. More than half complained about politeness and lack of public service.

Thai visitors hope to see better public transport options , suggesting there should be trams and electric trains.

Then they won’t want to read THIS.

SOURCE: Chiang Mai News

Chiang Mai News
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