Officials search for missing toddler in Chiang Mai

PHOTO: Josadaik Alcântara Marqu/Flickr

The combined forces of police, border patrol police, rescue volunteers, and villagers helped search for a missing 1 year and 11 month old girl in Chiang Mai, a northern Thai province, yesterday. The girl has been missing since Sunday night.

Heat-seeking drones and sniffer dogs were also used to help scour the area within a 2 to 3 kilometre radius of the girl’s home in Huay Fak Dab village. The toddler was seen walking along the road around 7pm Sunday. The eyewitness said that he also saw 5 cars on the road around the time the girl was walking.

Deputy commander of Chiang Mai police, Sukhon Sri-arun, outlined some of the possible scenarios of what could have happened to the girl. He said the girl may have been kidnapped, she could have been hit by a car and the driver then grabbed her, or she may have got lost in the forest. Sukhon added that that police will check CCTV along the roads for possible clues.


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