Prachinburi print shop overcharges customer, shocking Internet

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A disheartening incident unfolded when a woman was charged 500 baht for scanning four documents, at a print shop in the area of Ban Rabao Phai, Sri Maha Pho District, Prachinburi. The shop owner extended his apologies due to a lack of knowledge about appropriate pricing and offered a reimbursement, which the woman declined.

Upon scanning the documents, the customer, Siriporn, was startled by the inflated expense for a single coloured document priced at 400 baht and three additional black and white pages at 25 baht per page. The total came out to 500 baht, much higher than what is generally accepted for such services, leading her to vent her shock on social media. The incident has sparked widespread attention amongst Facebook users, with many sympathising with her predicament.

Upon visiting the print shop, reporters found that it also functioned as a hair salon and photograph service provider. The shop is owned by a woman and her son, who manages the copying and printing service.

The son, who is reported as having developmental disabilities, primarily manages the pricing of the copying service. However, the mother admitted that she also agreed with the charges because the colour photocopy price was calculated similarly to that of colour photographs.

Print Shop Incident
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Still, amidst public bewilderment, the shop owner acknowledged her mistake in calculating the prices and agreed to issue a full refund while expressing an apology for her ignorance concerning pricing norms.

However, Siriporn and her sister Chompoonuch revealed that they were in a hurry due to the nearing closure time of the sub-district administrative organisation office. That led them into accepting the quoted prices without challenging the shop owner.

When Siriporn’s sister discovered that the cost was unprecedented, she posted the incident on Facebook. Yet, Siriporn declined the shop owner’s offer for a refund, saying that she didn’t want the money back. She said she just wishes that the shop owner would avoid the repetition of such mistakes, reports Khao Sod Online.

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