Nissan nightmare: Car inferno at Prachin Buri petrol station, owner vanishes

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod.

A Nissan sedan caught fire at a petrol station in the central Prachin Buri province today, though the owner of the burning car seemingly disappeared. The blaze prompted a swift response from the station staff and local fire services.

The incident occurred at approximately 8.45am today, along Route 304, Mueang Kabin Buri-entrance to Nakhon Ratchasima, in the old city area of Kabin Buri.

The scene of the sedan fire was 500 metres before reaching the traffic lights at the Kabin Buri intersection. The burning Nissan vehicle, registered with Prachin Buri license plates, was parked near the fuel dispensing area.

The sight of the flaming sedan shocked everyone in the petrol station, causing both staff and bystanders to scramble in reaction to the fire. The station’s staff and fire officials quickly collaborated to extinguish the fire.

Upon inspection, the fire had extensively damaged the engine and the front of the sedan.

However, the driver of the burnt vehicle was nowhere to be found at the scene. According to one of the petrol station staff, the driver had been picked up by someone prior to the incident reported KhaoSod.

A 20 year old petrol station worker, Narongrit, witnessed the sedan fire and recounted that he saw sparks falling from under the vehicle as it entered the station. He quickly alerted others to the fire and together they used fire extinguishers to combat the blaze for over five minutes.

The male driver managed to escape from the burning vehicle unharmed. A fire truck from Mueang Kabin Buri Municipality was later called to assist in extinguishing the fire.

There are no further details about the sedan owner leaving the scene of the fire or for what reason.

In another incident, a week-old electric car proved that it doesn’t always take petrol to fuel a fire. The car, priced at over a million baht, ignited while being charged in front of a Udon Thani shopping mall. Chinese engineers are currently investigating the matter.

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