Child pornography group run by Suphan Buri couple busted

FILE PHOTO: A Suphan Buri child pronography online group was busted today.

A Suphan Buri couple has been arrested after police raided their home and charged them with running an online child pornography ring. The 52 year old man and his 45 year old wife in the province just north of Bangkok reportedly confessed to the crime and were taken into custody.

The married couple is accused of running a group where customers would pay between 100 and 500 baht each to view porn videos containing underage people. The group was formed in February and had been running until the arrests. The VIP group that members were invited into after payment contained over 400 users.

Officers working with the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division tracked down the admins of the group and arrested them in their home on Thursday. The ATPD confirmed that it was this couple running the online group and collecting payments from the members for access to child pornography. The couple claims that all the underage porn they were selling access was downloaded directly from the internet, not personally produced.

The ATPD obtained a warrant for the couple’s arrest issued by the Criminal Court, accusing the pair of charges of collusion in human trafficking for their action of producing or disseminating porn material for financial gain. They are also charged with possessing child pornography material for sexual and commercial purposes, as well as inputting pornographic data into computer systems and other related charges.

The investigation stemmed from a tip-off complaint that a group on the Line Chat app had shared pornographic material. The tip-off said the members-only group contained photos and videos of a pornographic nature that contained adults and children.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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