ID in bedlam: Sick Thai man’s forced outing proves fatal, district chief issues belated apology

A Pathum Thani district chief apologised to the family of a sick bed-ridden Thai man who died after they forced him to leave his sick bed to pick up a new identification card (ID). This follows a controversial Facebook post describing the ordeal which saw a severely ill bedridden father forced to undergo the bureaucratic process of renewing his expired ID. Tragically, the father died a day later.

The Facebook post by Prangtong Jaiboon brought much-needed attention to a deeply disturbing incident involving her bedridden father. Her father was obliged to physically appear at a local government office to renew it, despite his deteriorating health. Unfortunately, the 66 year old man tragically succumbed a day after renewing his card, reported KhaoSod.

In response to the public outcry, a local district chief visited Prangtong at her residence to offer his condolences and apologies. Expressing remorse over the incident, he ensured that the matter would not only be thoroughly investigated but measures would also be taken against those officials found responsible for the mishandling. He said…

“It is our duty to facilitate the citizens, not put them through undue hardships. This tragic incident has thrown light on procedural pitfalls and it will bring about necessary changes at the district level.”

Prangtong, on recounting the incident, expressed her disenchantment with the insensitive handling of the matter by government officials. She mentioned how on June 7, when taking her mother for an ID renewal, she enquired about the process for her bedridden father. Their response suggested he be physically present. Despite pleading about her father’s serious condition, all types of cases were told to present themselves physically, as per the officials.

Prangtong further described the sequence of events, detailing how she enlisted professional medical transport assistance to fulfil the unnecessary obligation. Within hours of their return, her father passed away in the early hours of June 8.

“My father required his ID for medical benefits and treatment purposes. I hope my father’s case is the last of its kind, and no one else has to endure this trauma,” concluded Prangtong.

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