Unchained Elephants launches their first rescue mission for Kanun: Bringing hope to an abandoned elephant in Chiang Mai

Kanun - A one-eye, blinded Bull Elephant in Mae Tang, Chiang Mai. Image via Unchained Elephants.

On 23rd June 2023, Unchained Elephants has embarked on their first mission to rescue Kanun, a 55-year-old male elephant in Mae Tang, Chiang Mai. Kanun’s current situation is dire, as he endures life chained up, malnourished, and with only one functioning eye. The urgent need for intervention has sparked a determined effort to save Kanun and provide him with a better life.

Facing the choice of being sold into the logging industry or finding a way to be saved, Kanun’s plight has highlighted the broader issue of abandoned male elephants in Thailand. These majestic creatures suffer without proper care or resources, making rescue efforts all the more crucial.

Securing Kanun’s freedom by breaking boundaries and innovating for impact

A groundbreaking initiative by Unchained Elephants is now in full swing, unleashing a remarkable fundraising campaign to rescue Kanun. This audacious endeavour aims to secure Kanun’s freedom and provide him with essential care, with a target of $25,760 USD (850,000 baht) to be raised. With 100% of the funds raised directly contributing to Kanun’s extraordinary rescue mission and provide a comprehensive care package that includes vital medical check-ups and nourishment. This vital initiative will ensure he receives the care, freedom, and security he deserves.

See how you can contribute and take part in rescuing Kanun here: https://bit.ly/rescue-kanun

Kanun - A one-eye, blinded Bull Elephant In Mae Tang, Chiang Mai. Image via Unchained Elephants.
Image via Unchained Elephants.

‍Relocating Kanun to a safe environment in Chiang Mai

Unchained Elephants has partnered with an elephant expert, Cristina Palacio. Discussions are underway to secure a loving home for Kanun within a sanctuary in Chiang Mai. With expert care, veterinary support, and an environment that fosters healing, Kanun’s journey to the sanctuary promises a brighter future.

Elephant, Forest, Image via Unchained Elephants
Image via Unchained Elephants.

Join the mission to rescue an endangered elephant

You can be a crucial part of Kanun’s incredible journey to freedom by participating in his rescue by contributing on Kanun’s crowdfunding donation campaign or through the purchase of their digital art (NFT) project. You don’t need to be tech-savvy or even have crypto to get involved. Your decision to join them in this mission not only supports Kanun’s rescue but also unlocks a range of rewards for your positive impact.

  1. The entire proceeds from your donations will directly contribute to Kanun’s rescue and relocation, ensuring he finds a new and safe home.
  2. Own a digital collectible artwork that holds intrinsic value and deep meaning. As the proud owner, you have the option to resell your digital art (NFT for the Travel Industry) at a price of your choosing.
Image via Unchained Elephants, Elephant, Rescue
Image via Unchained Elephants.

Your contribution is key to achieving Kanun’s permanent freedom and ensuring his well-being in the sanctuary. Join the movement, be a part of this remarkable journey, and help provide Kanun with the care and sanctuary he deserves.

Join this remarkable mission, make a crucial difference, and help ensure a brighter future for Kanun. Initiate your support by visiting their website: https://bit.ly/rescue-kanun

Unchained Elephants

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Unchained Elephants launches their first rescue mission for Kanun: Bringing hope to an abandoned elephant in Chiang Mai | News by Thaiger
Image via Unchained Elephants.

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