Turbulent twist: Elderly woman threatens to vomit on, assault young flyer over pre-booked seat (video)

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An unusual incident occurred aboard an aeroplane recently, as an elderly woman passenger threatened to vomit on a young woman in an attempt to force her from her pre-booked window seat. The elderly passenger claimed to suffer from a grave disease, but when her coercion attempt failed, she and her husband resorted to threats of physical violence.

The peculiar episode unfolded when a young traveller aboard a flight from China found an elderly woman occupying her reserved window seat. In an attempt to retain this position, the older woman demanded the younger passenger switch seats with her. Polite refusal met with insistent demands from the elder woman. Ultimately, she had to relinquish the seat, stepping out into the aisle.

It appeared that tranquillity had been restored, but the situation quickly escalated once again. As the young woman prepared to sit down, the elder woman accused her of being inconsiderate, admitting she had high blood pressure and a heart condition. Moreover, she threatened to vomit on the younger woman, asserting that she would be responsible for any potential deterioration in her health, reported KhaoSod.

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In response, however, the young traveller refused to be intimidated. She candidly retorted that she would expect compensation for any soiled clothing if the older woman did indeed vomit on her. Seemingly inappropriate comments from the elder woman even prompted her husband and a woman seated behind to join in, menacingly warning the younger passenger that she would be assaulted upon disembarking the plane.

In a bid to document the unprovoked threat, the young woman began recording the event. Meanwhile, attentive cabin crew members intervened in an attempt to moderate the dispute. They intervened to prevent the troubled senior woman from continuing her aggressive pursuit of the young woman.

Following the virality of the recording, the elder couple has faced harsh online criticism. Netizens praised the young passenger for her level-headed response and insisted the crass elderly pair needed to learn a lesson.

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