US Ambassador celebrates first shipment of Thai pomelos to America

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US Ambassador to Thailand Robert Godec had an opportunity to engage with Thai and foreign media today, where he expressed his delight at the first-ever shipment of Thai pomelos reaching the United States. This is a milestone that comes 190 years into the diplomatic ties between the two countries. The first export lot of the popular citrus fruits was dispatched last night.

Godec is admittedly a fan of the pomelo, with a fondness for both the white-fleshed and red-fleshed versions. Godec said…

“I’ll tell you, I’m very happy to see the first pomelo exports to the United States. Pomelo! I love pomelo, I like both white and red. It’s delicious. Sent to celebrate 190 years.”

Godec holds hope that Americans will have the chance to savour the taste of pomelos from this consignment. Moreover, Thailand has previously exported many agricultural products, such as rice, shrimp, and different types of fruit, to the USA. The US Embassy has been working diligently to facilitate more exports from Thailand by navigating health checks, pest inspections, and various other procedures, reported Sanook.

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Apart from the pomelo and other agricultural products, Godec expressed his views on a varied host of issues relating to Thailand. This includes expanding trade cooperation, the elections held on May 14, Thailand’s role in mediating conversations with Myanmar’s different groups, its military relationships with Thailand, and its position amid the stress brewing between the USA and China.

However, Godec’s views on these topics remained unbiased, emphasising that the US does not interfere with Thailand’s domestic affairs and respects Thailand’s relationships with other nations.

Last month, The United States was set to import Thai pomelos the next month, while Australia had granted permission to import cooked duck from Thailand after years of negotiation, as announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. To read more click HERE.

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