TD-IWTA Awards 2023 celebrates exceptional women in the Asian travel industry

TD-IWTA Awards 2023

It’s not every day that you witness trailblazing women being praised for their incredible accomplishments in the travel sector. Well, the first-ever Travel Daily Media – Inspiring Women in Travel (Asia) Awards 2023 did just that! The prestigious event garnered rave reviews, uniting travel industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries from across Asia. Its purpose was to recognise and laud the remarkable achievements and contributions of women in this bustling sector.

The TD-IWTA Awards celebrated women with significant contributions to the travel sector, highlighting their remarkable leadership, innovation, and dedication to driving positive change. Consequently, these awards aim to inspire and empower more women to pursue their aspirations and excel in various roles within the travel industry.

This year’s event attracted numerous nominations and attendees, underscoring the significant support for women-focused events within the sector.

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Inspiring speeches, rigorous judging, and exceptional achievements

TD-IWTA Awards 2023 celebrates exceptional women in the Asian travel industry | News by Thaiger
Left: Caroline Shen (Director of Sales & Marketing) Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa Right: Aline Boulom (Director of Industrial Relations & Compliance) Accor

The award ceremony began with an energised ambience as attendees assembled to honour the remarkable accomplishments of the top nominees. Co-founders of Inspiring Women in Travel (Asia), Gary Marshall and Michaela Connor, delivered opening speeches that struck a chord. They expressed their gratitude to everyone involved in the event. Acknowledgements were given to sponsors, nominees, and volunteers.

An impressive panel of industry experts and luminaries selected the winners of the TD-IWTA Awards 2023. They meticulously assessed each nomination to ensure that only the most deserving candidates were honoured. Talk about being thorough!

The recipients of the TD-IWTA Awards 2023 demonstrated unparalleled innovation, creativity and commitment across a variety of categories. These include sustainable tourism initiatives, technological advancements, extraordinary customer service, and more. Each winner proved a shining example of excellence, setting new benchmarks for the industry to strive towards.

Talented performances and travel innovators gather in celebration

TD-IWTA Awards 2023 celebrates exceptional women in the Asian travel industry | News by Thaiger
Marisa Sukosol Nunbhakdi (Executive Vice President) Sukosol Hotels and The Siam Hotel

The night became even more inspiring with riveting keynote speeches from Jetstar Asia CEO Barathan Pasupathi and Elena Ng of Ponant Cruises. In addition, the audience was spellbound by captivating performances by Pie and Group, Silvy, and Hall of Fame awardee Marisa Sukosol Nunbhakdi.

The TD-IWTA Awards 2023 didn’t just stop at celebrating the winners. The event went beyond just celebrating. It provided a platform for promoting collaboration and exchanging ideas among industry professionals. Attendees had excellent opportunities to network, share insights, and develop valuable partnerships. These connections will certainly propel the travel industry forward.

As the night came to a close, the atmosphere was still buzzing with optimism, enthusiasm, and a renewed sense of purpose. The event served as a timely reminder that the travel industry will continue to evolve and flourish, thanks to the passion, determination, and ingenuity of remarkable individuals and organisations. Looking ahead, the TD-IWTA Awards will continue to shine as a beacon of excellence, honouring and inspiring the amazing women who continue to shape the future of travel. So, here’s to the inspiring women of today and the incredible, limitless possibilities of tomorrow!


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