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Thai Airways unlikely to resume flights in August

Maya Taylor



PHOTO: Pixabay
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Anyone expecting the beleaguered Thai Airways to resume its flight schedule in August should not hold their breath. That’s the word from reliable sources in the industry, who predict the national carrier will not take to the skies again until September at the earliest.

A report in TTR Weekly says the airline, currently undergoing a rehabilitation process, has extended its moratorium on flights until at least September 1. Thailand’s Central Bankruptcy Court is set to decide its fate later this month as it reviews the proposed financial restructuring plan for the long-struggling airline.

The following is a list of the routes that may resume from September, although any such decision is dependent on the Thai government lifting the current ban on international arrivals, as well as other destinations easing their restrictions on flights arriving from Thailand. Australia’s borders, for example, remain closed indefinitely, with very limited exceptions.

Adding to Thai Airways’ woes is the ongoing restructuring and bankruptcy procedures.

Auckland, 3 flights a week
Beijing, 2 flights a week
Brisbane, 3 flights a week
Brussels, 3 flights a week
Copenhagen, daily
Delhi, daily
Denpasar, 3 flights a week
Dhaka, 5 flights a week
Frankfurt, daily
Guangzhou, 2 flights a week
Hanoi, daily
Ho Chi Minh City, daily
Hong Kong, daily
Islamabad, 4 flights a week
Jakarta, 3 flights a week
Karachi, 4 flights a week
Kuala Lumpur, 5 flights a week
Lahore, 4 flights a week
London Heathrow, daily
Manila, 4 flights a week
Melbourne, 5 flights a week
Munich, 5 flights a week
Nagoya, 3 flights a week
Osaka Kansai, 3 flights a week
Paris CDG, 3 flights a week
Perth, 3 flights a week
Phnom Penh, daily
Seoul Incheon, 6 flights a week
Shanghai Pu Dong, 2 flights a week
Singapore, 4 flights a week
Sydney, 5 flights a week
Taipei Taoyuan, daily
Tokyo Haneda, 4 flights a week
Tokyo Narita, 4 flights a week
Vientiane, daily
Yangon, daily
Zurich, 4 flights a week


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  1. Avatar

    Toby Andrews

    July 15, 2020 at 11:15 pm

    If that is the case, fire all staff especially the management who managed this airline to this bankrupt state.
    But they will not.
    With government compliance they will loot this airline to the very last moment, and draw salaries.
    If they did this in the West they would be locked up at this very moment.

  2. Avatar


    July 16, 2020 at 12:39 pm

    Isn’t the date for the hearing at the Central Bankruptcy Court August 17? In the article it says later this month.

  3. Avatar

    rinky stingpiece

    July 22, 2020 at 4:54 am

    I’m surprised this story hasn’t been updated with the info on the Thai Airways page:

    www thaiairways com/en_GB/news/news_announcement/news_detail/

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