HomePro invests 4 billion baht in eco-friendly store, diversifies product portfolio in Thailand

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Home decor and upgrade specialist, Home Product Center Plc, under the HomePro banner, declared a business expansion investment of 4 billion baht this year for store diffusion.

Ittaporn Srisukwattana, the firm’s senior vice president of design and product development, articulated that this financial plan would be deployed towards the inauguration of two HomePro and eight Mega Home shops this year.

A trio of Mega Home outlets have been unveiled during this year’s first quarter, one each at Rattanathibet, Tiwanon in Nonthaburi and Bang Phli in Samut Prakan locations. A further three branches are expected to open in the year’s second quarter, boosting business expansion.

Also on HomePro’s schedule is a store opening at the Seacon Square shopping hub coming this Saturday. Business expansion is said to surge with the second leg of the year set to witness the opening of a couple more HomePro gift shops.

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Factoring in these new site additions, the total count of HomePro and Mega Home stores is slated to touch 127, spread both across domestic and international terrain, including Malaysia, by the close of the current year.

In Ittaporn’s words, the company experienced a significant boost in spending power during this year’s first quarter due to the government-initiated stimulus package and the rebirth of tourism. However, post-election, the business experienced a minor slump. With the formation of the new government, though, it is predicted that the home improvement sector will reflect a more promising future.

Business Expansion
Photo courtesy of Bangkok Post: Ittaporn Srisukwattana.

The company is not only looking to broaden its store base but is also focusing on expanding its eco-friendly product range. This move aligns with the rising trend of sustainable living and environmental mindfulness. Recently, eco-home textile products, inclusive of the HLS brand of energy-efficient curtains, have been added to HomePro’s green product portfolio, diversifying their business expansion strategy.

The roll-out of HLS smart curtains serves as a stride toward upping the company’s availability of eco-friendly products to 50% by 2025. This figure stood at 47% of the total product range last year, reported Bangkok Post.

Further, according to Ittaporn, the firm aims to launch more house brand products across multiple categories in this year’s second half. The offerings will include dishwashing items made from tropical fruit. Over a hundred products under the company’s house brand are set to be introduced in the latter half of this year.

The business expansion move aims to promptly respond to customer demand and set the company apart from its rivals while attracting new customer demographics.

Currently, HomePro Group offers 36 in-house brands, constituting 15,000 items. The company is optimistic about its overall sales figures touching 69 billion baht in 2023, marking a rise of a solid 5% from last year’s tally.

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