Thai nurse keeps working despite pregnancy, runs meatball shop amid husband’s betrayal

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Despite being seven months pregnant and abandoned by her husband, a brave Thai nurse has continued working her shift and running a grilled meatball shop to support her unborn daughter. Her story shared through a tearful TikTok video has struck a chord with netizens, who have poured in their support.

The brave Thai nurse shared her story on the social media platform under the handle @katmumu. She said she discovered her husband had moved on with a new girlfriend before she had even given birth to their child. In a heartrending video post, she said…

“My child has not been born yet but the father of my child has introduced a new girlfriend. And we accidentally saw them. My child and I wish you the utmost happiness.”

@katmumu วันนี้ใช้ความเข้มแข็งทั้งหมดที่มีสู้ต่อ #ลูกสาวคนแรก #แม่เลี้ยงเดี่ยว #มีความสุขมากๆนะ #ยินดีด้วยนะ ♬ กาลครั้งนึง

Despite her pain at her husband’s betrayal, she is determined to provide for her incoming child. After finishing her duties, she continues her shift and sells grilled meatballs to supplement her income before her daughter’s birth, reported KhaoSod.

The woman also lamented that her former partner’s new girlfriend was someone she had previously confronted and suspected.

“I have been trying to be strong all along, but when I found out that his new person was someone I once caught and suspected, and he denied having anything to do with this person, I felt like I had been a fool all along.”

Her emotional post has received an outpouring of support from the online community since it was shared. Many have complimented her resilience and expressed their desire to contribute to her meatball shop. This support for the brave Thai nurse appears to have given her renewed strength to fight even though she must fight alone.

In related news, a pregnant Thai nurse has taken to social media to candidly share the difficulties she is facing in her workplace. Despite being eight months pregnant, she is required to work late shifts, shedding light on the pressing issue of workplace rights. Her honest and heartfelt outcry has garnered tremendous support, compelling the government to address the need for a better work-life balance. Read more about the story HERE.

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