Upcoming campaign to urge Bangkok to vote in governor election

31 Bangkok gubernatorial candidates registered, photo by PR Bangkok.

Just 2 weeks ahead of Bangkok’s election for a new governor, the Election Commission will launch a campaign tomorrow urging the public to vote. The elections are to be held on May 22. Tomorrow (Monday), the campaign will be held at City Hall, and trucks with loudspeakers will drive through all 50 of Bangkok’s districts. Speakers will urge people to exersise their voting rights, as this is the first governor election in 9 years.

The highest ever number of candidates, 31, have registered for the election. Candidates registered at City Hall in March, each promising to improve a number of conditions. The Thai Sang Thai candidate, Sita Divari, vows to improve Bangkok’s flood drainage system and traffic management if he wins. The Democrat Party Candidate, Suchatvee Suwansawat, promises to introduce wi-fi coverage throughout the capital.

The Move Forward candidate is Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn. Wiroj is campaigning to remove fences around Sanam Luang a public square and park in Bangkok, to give the public more access to it. The park has a long history, with its auspicious location and role in the life of Thailand’s royal family and ceremonies, as well as a location for protests. It was the site of the 1976 ‘Thammarat Massacre’ where government and police cracked down on ‘leftist’ protesters.

Ahead of tomorrow’s campaign event, the election’s director warned candidates not to do anything beyond the permissible legal limits of election spending, authorities and duties. He said campaigning has so far mostly been within the law, except for some complaints about campaign posters. He also said that some councillor candidates exceeded their authority in electioneering. Lastly, he said that some campaign staffers had given T-shirts to their children, who are not part of their staff, warning that this could be deemed as buying votes.

SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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