Rude passport office director blames customers for system failure making them miss flights

Photo via Narissara Saengruangrob

A furious Thai woman complained at one of the nation’s passport offices in Bangkok after she paid 3,000 baht for a special express passport service but still missed her flight.

More than 100 people queued at the Department of Consular Affairs in Bangkok until 7pm yesterday with several customers missing their flights because they could not get a passport on time.

The department has not apologised for its failure to do its job, in fact, the passport office director told people… “It’s your problem, not ours.”

The disgruntled woman, Narissara Saengrungrob, posted her passport office experience on Facebook.

Narissara said she arrived at the Department of Consular Affairs at 6.45am and paid 3,000 baht for the special express passport.

The department said she could pick it up at 2.30pm. However, when she went to pick it up it was not ready. She eventually got her passport at 6.45pm, consequently, she missed her flight.

Officers informed people that there was a problem with the system which prevented them from accessing citizen data.

Narissara revealed that many people were angry because they missed their flights and had to reschedule plans. Narissara said the director of the passport office responded to people’s complaints by saying… “It’s your problem.”

Narissara said officers turned off the consular department’s lights and air conditioning at 6pm even though many people were still inside the office waiting for their passports. But Narissa was determined to stay and eventually got her passport at 8.45pm. She said more than 100 people were still waiting when she left the office.

Narissara added that some people in the queue told her that they too had paid 3,000 baht for the special express passport but officers told them there had been a system failure.

Narissara questioned why, after a week, they could not resolve the problem and yet still charged 3,000 baht for a service they could not deliver.

Narissara also made known that the director was rude and obnoxious to people’s questions and concerns and added that his behaviour was unacceptable.

Thai people have three passport options. The first passport option, which costs 1,000 baht, is sent by Thai post or available to pick up within three to seven working days. The second option is the express passport which costs 2,000 baht and takes 24 hours to process. The last option is the special express passport which costs 3,000 baht and can be picked up within three hours.

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