Python attack: Security guard bites back and drags snake to police station

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A security guard had a shocking encounter with a 3-metre-long python in his room. The snake attacked him, wrapping around his neck and biting him. Facing death, the man did what he had to do and retaliated by biting the python back, ultimately dragging it to the police station to report the incident.

The python attack incident occurred at 10pm, yesterday, at a private company in Bang Bo, Samut Prakan province, where 68 year old Sarayut Malachan works and resides.

Sarayut explained how he was resting after a day’s work, having had his bath and evening meal. He is fond of chickens and keeps some behind his quarters. While resting in his room, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his foot, as if something had bitten him.

Upon opening his eyes, he found a python had taken a bite and was now wrapping itself around his neck. He struggled against the snake, trying to call for help but no one heard him. The snake continued to tighten its grip.

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Unable to fight off the python’s strength, Sarayut decided to bite its tail with all his might. This action caused the snake to loosen its grip and attempt to escape.

However, Sarayut managed to hold onto the snake’s head, mounted his motorbike, and headed straight to the police station to report the attack. He admitted that he nearly died in the encounter, reported KhaoSod.

Upon his arrival, the police alerted the Ruamkatanyu Foundation volunteers who captured the python and gave first aid to Sarayut’s bite. They rushed him to the Bang Bo Hospital for further treatment.

In another recent python attack, a resident of Nonthaburi got an extremely unpleasant shock whilst using the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet, the man suddenly felt excruciating pain.

Startled, he swiftly stood up only to discover a python slithering down the toilet bowl. The python managed to bite him on the buttocks. Fortunately, he promptly sought the necessary assistance and received the help he required.

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