British tourist punches and shoves Thai traveller on Bangkok public transport – VIDEO

PHOTO: Screengrab from the video from a passenger who captured the attack

An angry British tourist has punched a young Thai MRT traveller in the face after the Thai man, apparently accidentally, knocked the British man’s iPhone 11 out of his hands. The ugly incident was captured by another passenger and has gone viral in Thai and British media.

The incident occurred last Sunday in Bangkok, at the Wat Mangkorn station near Chinatown, when the young Thai man bumped into the British man, resulting in the phone falling on to the floor of the train. The Thai man immediately apologised but the British traveller attacked the Thai man in front of the carriage-load of passengers. The hero of the day was a calm Thai man in a yellow shirt who tried to stand between the attacker and victim.

The British tourist continued to intimidate the much shorter Thai guy, who was clearly frightened by the attack and tried to get out of his way. He started swearing at him and following him around the carriage. Other passengers, along with a man who was travelling with the British man, tried to calm the situation. Other passengers did nothing or tried to get away from the centre of the melee.

The person who filmed the incident told Mail Online the British man followed the Thai man off the train and continued to confront him on the platform.

We haven’t been able to identify the source or name of the owner of the video footage. Thais are calling for Royal Thai Police to track down and interview the British man. The clip has gone viral on social media and now being circulated through British media as well.

WARNING: Strong language!

SOURCE: Mail Online | ThaiVisa

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