Bangkok’s street sweepers: Deputy governor’s vendor crackdown

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Lang Suan Road commercial area in Pathumwan, Bangkok, was bustling with activity this morning. However, not with the usual chaos of vendors setting up their street stalls, but a methodical inspection led by Deputy Governor of Bangkok, Chakkapan Phewngam, and his team of officials to clamp down on street vendor regulations, maintain public order and ensure cleanliness.

This was not a surprise inspection, all 58 vendors who set up their stalls on the pavements of Lang Suan Road had been previously briefed on the legal regulations. In a meeting convened by the Pathumwan officials, the importance of public order was stressed and the vendors were informed about the inspection.

Thirteen vendors took heed and moved their stalls to private areas, while others moved to a neighbouring soi. Some vendors, perhaps disillusioned, chose to pack up their businesses and return to their hometowns.

Post-inspection, Pathumwan officials and relevant agencies undertook the task of restoring the commercial area. Obstacles were removed, the pavement on Lang Suan Road was cleared, and signs were erected warning vendors of the regulations in effect.

The deputy governor of Bangkok was vocal about the proactive role of the Pathumwan District Office in maintaining public areas clean and orderly.

He urged vendors in Pathumwan to cooperate and not obstruct pavements. Instead, they were advised to confine their stalls to designated areas.

Considering the best interests of both vendors and pedestrians, the Pathumwan officials are contemplating relocating some stalls to another area. This would ensure that pavements could be shared conveniently and safely by everyone.

In an official statement, the Pathumwan District Office reminded vendors of the Maintaining Cleanliness and Orderliness of the Country Act 1992, which prohibits cooking and selling products on pavements or public areas.

Effective from today onwards, violators face a fine not exceeding 2,000 Thai baht, reported Pattaya News.

With these measures, the local administration aims to strike a balance between the livelihoods of street vendors and the need for cleanliness and public order.

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