Thai man stumbles upon human skeleton near Pattaya reservoir

Human skeleton found near Pattaya reservoir, photo by The Pattaya News.

A Thai man stumbled upon a human skeleton at the rim of a reservoir near Pattaya yesterday morning. The man, 48 year old Praphat Namsuphat, was walking along the edge of the Chak Nok Reservoir with his child when he spotted what he at first thought was a canine skeleton.

But after looking closely, Praphat was shocked to discover that the skeleton had a human skull. The incident was reported to Huay Yai Police at about 9.30am.

Huay Yai Police and a rescue team arrived on the scene to investigate, but they were unable to determine the gender or nationality of the deceased. However, they did find a green shirt with the text “Relax 69” in white, a black cap, and a belt near the skeleton.

Police cordoned off the area as medical personnel collected the skeleton to find its identity. Huay Yai Police are currently reviewing reports of missing persons in the area to solve the case, The Pattaya News reported.

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This news comes less than a week after a human skull was found in another area of Thailand.

On April 20, a YouTuber found a human skull while filming content on the banks of the Mekong River in Nakhon Phanom province in northeast Thailand. Chanathip Chapuban – aka Mukdahan Moss – was riding a motorbike and filming content for his YouTube channel when he noticed something by the water on Sai Thong Kot Boon Beach (Si Khotrabun Golden Sand Beach), about 800 metres from Sawan Chai Khong Road. Moss said he wondered why no one else had found the skull since a lot of people attended the beach for Songkran celebrations between April 13-15.

On February 22, a fisherman pulled a human skull from a canal in Buriram province in northeast Thailand. A local woman says she knows the skull belonged to her missing husband because she clearly remembered his teeth. Her husband went missing in October of last year.

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