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Chiang Mai

Australian teacher shot by ex in Chiang Mai

Tanutam Thawan



Australian teacher shot by ex in Chiang Mai | The Thaiger

An Australian teacher, reportedly trying to get back together with his Thai girlfriend, has been shot in the stomach in the car park of a Chiang Mai apartment.

47 year old Jean Paul Bull, an English teacher at a well known Chiang Mai university, remains in hospital recovering from his injuries.

He had gone to invite his 39 year old girlfriend Suphasri out for Songkran. Chang Pheuak police were called to the car park of the apartment where they found the victim shot and Suphasri waiting with a 9mm gun in her hand. The bullet had exited the body of the victim.

Suphasri said that she had known the Australian for two years but after arguments they had split up. He had assaulted her, she said, and she had reported to police twice in recent months about alleged assaults as he tried to reunite with her against her wishes.

This time a serious fight broke out and she pulled out a gun and after firing two warning shots she shot him in the abdomen to defend herself, she told police.

She has been detained and police will be interviewing the Australian before deciding how to proceed in the case.

SUORCE: Daily News (translation)

Local Thai journalist speaking fluent Thai and English. Tanutam studied in Khon Kaen before attending Bangkok’s Chulalongkhorn University.

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Chiang Mai

Greed unravelled the trio’s grisly plot – Phrae double murder

Tanutam Thawan



Greed unravelled the trio’s grisly plot – Phrae double murder | The Thaiger

PHOTO: Alan and Nod receive the keys to their new pick-up truck.

The bodies of 64 year old Alan Hogg and his 61 year old wife, Nod Suddaen, wee unearthed yesterday morning following a short investigation where greed brought the plot unstuck for the killers.

After a few hours of interrogation three men admitted to collusion in the plot to murder the married couple.

Included in the latest interrogations was Khun Nod’s brother, Warun Satchakit, who was first set free on bail after initial questioning over the couple’s stolen white pick up, but was released before his later arrest when the car was located last Sunday.

The other two arrests are reportedly local friends of Khun Warut. In the confession they detailed the method of killing the pair. Warut confessed to organising and carrying out the killings. It is understood that he fired the gun that killed Mr Hogg and bludgeoned Khun Nod to death with a hammer.

Warut told police he then took the bodies to an area behind the house, near a creek, to bury them with a small excavator/back hoe. The corpses were found lying next to each other about 2 metres underground.

Greed unravelled the trio's grisly plot - Phrae double murder | Chiang Mai - News by The Thaiger

Happier times for the married couple – Alan and Nod

During the interrogation Warut has told police that the couple ‘repeatedly criticised him’ and that that he’d tired of the constant criticism and went about planning their deaths.

The plot unravelled after the killers allegedly stole the dead couple’s new pick-up and tried to get a quick sale for cash. A Lao man bought the car and was driving south on Sunday night when he heard about the missing couple and the missing car. He reported to police in Ayutthaya and was able to provide police with information that led to the trio’s arrest.

Police initially arrested Khun Warut after CCTV footage showed him entering the couple’s home and driving away in the pickup last Thursday but he denied any involvement in their disappearance. He was charged with theft of the pick up and released on bail of 100,000 baht at the time.

Friends of the couple had alerted police about their concerns over the missing couple as early as last Tuesday, two days before Khun Warut was first arrested.

Greed unravelled the trio's grisly plot - Phrae double murder | Chiang Mai - News by The Thaiger

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Chiang Mai

A backpack full of meth pills headed for Chiang Mai

The Thaiger & The Nation



A backpack full of meth pills headed for Chiang Mai | The Thaiger

A Chiang Mai man has been arrested las night after allegedly trying to smuggle 100,000 methamphetamine pills into the city from the Myanmar border, 100 kilometres away.

Police at a checkpoint in Mae Ai district had signalled for a motorcyclist to stop but he sped off. With officers in pursuit, he lost control of his motorbike and came to grief on the roadside, tumbling off his bike.

The meth was found in his backpack.

32 year old Chana Jabu was taken to the district hospital with bruises and then arrested.

A backpack full of meth pills headed for Chiang Mai | Chiang Mai - News by The Thaiger

STORY: The Nation

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Chiang Mai

Two motorists died in Phuket road accident

Tanutam Thawan



Two motorists died in Phuket road accident | The Thaiger

PHOTOS: CITY LAW 201 / Newshawk Phuket

Two motorists havedied in a road accident on Chalermprakiat Ror 9 Road (Bypass Road), southbound this morning.

The Phuket City Police were notified of the accident at 5.45am this morning.

Emergency responders and police arrived at the scene two find one deceased female and one deceased male.

Two identification cards were found with their personal items. The dead are 36 year old Mipha Tabe-er and 42 year old Wan Tapiaw. Both are from the Chiang Mai province.

A motorbike was found nearby. Their bodies were taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital.

At this stage police speculate that they collided with a light pole and dies instantly. Police are continuing their investigation and checking CCTV footage nearby to find the exact cause of accident.

Two motorists died in Phuket road accident | Chiang Mai - News by The Thaiger

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